Alla Umanets
School of Media Literacy and Journalism
School of Journalism and Critical Thinking
journalist, expert in journalistic ethics
Professional characteristics:
mentor on media literacy and training of students in the school of journalism;
graduated from Kyiv International University, Institute of Journalism and Television Arts, majoring in journalism;
during the studies began to combine theory and practice on the local TV channel - from news to historical essays - it was typical for small television, and interesting for beginners;
created "Theme of the day" on the channel Public Zhytomyr;
during the formation of the public passed trainings on media literacy with the lecturer Oleksiy Nabozhnyak;
master class for journalists "Fundamentals of the success of reporter's work" organizers - "Radio Liberty" and the Bureau of International Broadcasting (BBG). Kiev. 2017
10 years
of journalist experience
Areas of work:
acquaint with the basics of journalism;
I will tell where topics are taken and how to work with information, with sources;
develop and write journalistic materials;
we will learn to create a TV product, I will tell about subtleties of work in a frame;
share the secrets of journalistic materials on different platforms;
I will tell everything I know about media literacy as the basis of existence in the modern world.
The main thing for me in teaching is to give quality
bases for creativity of future, young colleagues