Larysa Mazur
English teacher, practitioner
Professional characteristics:
nominee of competition "Teacher of the Year - 2012";
regular participant of educational webinars and seminars ("Best strategies for learning English", "Practices of learning English with the help of images", "Distance learning", etc.);
author of methodological developments: "Visibility as a means of improving the quality of the educational process in teaching English", "One brain, but two independent speech centers";
learning English on a communicative basis using the principles of individualization and connection with practical life;
integrator of game and interactive forms of work;
supporter of suggestive discovery methods and CCQs.
20 years
Areas of work
archive your child's potential by immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment;
will help to improve intonation, grammar and lexical skills;
organizes a personality-oriented approach taking into account age characteristics;
coordinates the work of parents with the child;
directs the student to a qualitatively new level of language production;
will lay the foundation for the student's language skills with the simultaneous inclusion of intelligence, feelings and actions.
Teaching is easy