Gnetetska Daryna
Course "Vector graphics (Illustrator)"
Course "Photoshop"
Course "Excel"
Specialist in computer graphics and graphic design
Professional characteristics:
a graduate of KPSMNZ art school of Zhytomyr City Council named after V. Shkurinsky, majoring in Easel Painting;
specialist in computer graphics and graphic design;
specialization - computer science, illustrator, designer;
academic drawing artist;
teacher of Photoshop and Illustrator courses;
artist for advertising, books and magazines;
specialist in Excel training courses.
5 years
of teaching experience
Aspects of work:
will help you and your child learn Photoshop and Illustrator graphics editors to be able to use and earn money today;
learn to use the program to create tables, calculations, charts and
graphs - Excel;
qualitatively prepare the child for the future profession of a designer;
will focus on the disclosure of creativity and artistic talents.
We must strive for wise simplicity: ability
find bright details and discard the superfluous!